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$5.00 Nose Strips

Hey guys! So for all the Canadian guys and gals out there, I’m sure you understand the pain of not having the same access to some make up like those in the US! Today I tried something new, I went and looked at the beauty department in Winners.

I cannot wait to share some of the cute things I found with you, which I will be trying tomorrow. BUT as for today I tried the Black Charcoal Series Nose Strips.


These strips are detoxifying charcoal strips that claim to clear blackheads & excess oils, unclog & minimize pore and remove dead skin cells.

The directions are pretty straight forward, you wash your face and place your the STICKY side to a wet nose. On the directions it says the black side… but they are both black, so just to clarify, the sticky side goes on your nose.

You leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it drys out.

So after about 5 minutes you can start to feel a slight tingling feeling. While pulling it off it actually didn’t hurt that bad and you could see the pores coming out but not sticking to the actually strip.

After about 5 minutes of it being off, my nose did feel very clean. My nose was slightly itchy, which usually does occur when your skin is becoming clean. It has now been about 2 hours and it still feels nice, clean and smooth.

So basically, for $5.00 I think this is worth it. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel the same, but I will keep you updated in my next post.

Thanks for reading!!!



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